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Deer Creek and its watershed is part of daily life in Nevada County, California.  Much of it traverses through private property and is hidden from view. It is a vastly unknown beauty that flows through the heart of the community.

In the winter of 2017, when water levels reached heights that hadn’t been seen in a decade, Lisa Redfern set out to photograph and film various locations along the creek’s thirty-four-mile length. This began a journey of discovery.

Following Deer Creek geographically and through history reveals stories about the Native Californians who called the watershed home long before white people arrived. It tells of devastating abuse by gold seekers, the development of the logging and water rights industries, and it also reveals stories of land stewardship and long-term commitments to environmental repair and preservation.

Lisa Redfern is a local photographer, artist, and author whose passion for research and storytelling evolved into a film project that is exploring the depths of Deer Creek and its watershed.

The film project is currently in the ‘gathering information’ stage.


e-mail: lisa ‘at’ redfern ‘dot’ biz
cell / txt: (530) 559-4367