Bridges Crossing Deer Creek – 2018 Art for a Cause

Events where I plan to show art provides motivation to create new pieces. These two Deer Creek Bridge pieces were inspired by spending time on the creek and lost inside reference materials studying its history!

‘Deer Creek Bridges’ was created for the 2018 Nevada County Fair photography competition.  The ‘Pine Street’ piece was made for display and sale during the 2018 Fall Colors Open Studio.

In addition to prints, household items such as t-shirts and coffee mugs will also be on display at my Open Studios booth in October. Funds raised from those will be donated to Sierra Streams Institute.

In the past, when preparing for art shows, I thought about the time, materials, and expenses involved in the art production process. Discovering a photo print created by a friend at a garage sale cemented the idea that I wanted to be more environmentally responsible with my creations.

Since most of my work is digital, time and hydroelectrically generated power (as well as computing hardware) are the main production resources ‘spent.’ Cutting back on ink, paper, protectant sprays, frames, framing hardware, and shipping costs (when ordering supplies) makes me feel like I’ve made a little difference.

After partnering with Fine Art America online, the number of pieces I make for display – that might sell – are greatly reduced. (Fine Art America ‘holds’ my digital designs and produces custom made-to-order pieces.)  Before making new pieces for a show booth, I’ve already got a home for it, whether it is donating it to stream stewardship organizations or using them to solicit donations to support them.

As I do background research for posts, I also generate art pieces to add to my Life on the Creek collection. Five dollars from every online sale of the Life on the Creek art supports the Following Deer Creek website/film project. ($5 is added to the items’ production cost [+ tax and shipping].)

In my page footer, you’ll notice that my wish-list includes drone footage, but as more information is gathered and interviewees interviewed, my wishlist is also going to include a video editor (for the documentary production) and a professional narrator.

Upon completion of the documentary, Life on the Creek art sale proceeds will be donated to Deer Creek watershed stewardship organizations.

Art for a cause…while attempting to lessen resource use…feels pretty good!









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