Miners Provisions – 1850 Food Prices [FDC Video Clip]

In March, 1850, the snow was ten feet deep on the banks of Deer Creek – three times the depth it has ever since attained. Goods of all kinds sold at exorbitant rates.” Nevada, Grass Valley & Rough and Ready Citizens Directory – 1856 – A. A. Sargent

fresh beef & pork  – .80¢ / lb
molasses – $7.50 / gal
flour – 44¢/lb
potatoes – 75¢/lb
onions – $1.50/lb
calf boots – $20
stout boots – $30 – $40
long-handled shovels –  $16

History comes alive when the written word is given a voice.

Alfred Jackson, the author of Diary of a Forty-Niner, lists items on his shopping list, along with what he paid for flour, beans, pork, molasses, etc.

This video is a clip from the documentary, Following Deer Creek. The full version will feature Alfred’s experiences with mail delivery, mining, crime and punishment, and more.

The voice of Alfred is performed by Steven Langley II, a local voice actor.

Many thanks to Steven for his lively and riveting portrayal of Alfred Jackson!


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