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For 500 generations they flourished until newcomers came… much was lost; much was devalued, but much was also hidden away in the hearts of the dispossessed…

~ excerpt from Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest: An Introduction by David M. Buerge

Anthony House & Penn Valley Under Lake Wildwood
California’s First Governor
Diary of a Forty-Niner
Eating Acorns – History, Gathering, and Processing
Eating Buckeye – A Toxic Native
Fleas and Disease During the California Gold Rush
Forty-Niner Shopping List & Prices
Grizzly Entertainment & California Bear Extinction
Lake Wildwood Development & Current Events
Jenny Lind & Deer Creek Floods
Mining Legacy Pollution and Clean-Up Efforts
Native People
Nisenan Sites (Rocklin & Folsom)
Nisenan Tribe of the Nevada City Rancheria, History of Us Book Review and More…
Scotts Flat Lake
Scurvy in California’s Food Capital
Steven Langley II voice of Alfred T. Jackson
Timbuctoo / Smartsville / Mooney Flat – Hydraulic Mining and Land Use Limit Law
Oustomah, Deer Creek Dry Diggings & Nevada City 1849/51 – How they were named



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