For 500 generations they flourished until newcomers came… much was lost; much was devalued, but much was also hidden away in the hearts of the dispossessed…

~ excerpt from Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest: An Introduction by David M. Buerge

California’s First Governor
Diary of a Forty-Niner
Eating Acorns – History, Gathering, and Processing
Eating Buckeye – A Toxic Native
Fleas and Disease During the California Gold Rush
Forty-Niner Shopping List & Prices
Forty-Niners & Nevada City
Grizzly Entertainment & California Bear Extinction
Lake Wildwood
Jenny Lind & Deer Creek Floods
Mining Legacy Pollution and Clean-Up Efforts
Native People
Nisenan Sites (Rocklin & Folsom)
Scotts Flat Lake
Scurvy in California’s Food Capital
Steven Langley II voice of Alfred T. Jackson
Timbuctoo / Smartsville / Mooney Flat – Hydraulic Mining and Sawyer Decision
Ustomah, Deer Creek Dry Diggings & Nevada City 1849/51 – How they were named



History of Nevada County & General Citizens Directory – 1865 – by A. A. Sargent, ESQ
Grass Valley Mines – California Museum in Oakland
Nisenan Tribe of Nevada City Rancheria
Gold Rush Stories: 49 Tales of Seekers, Scoundrels, Loss, and Luck, Gary Noy
Gold Rush Stories book review by Lisa Redfern

History of Us: Nisenan Tribe of the Nevada City Rancheria, Richard B. Johnson

Sierra Stories: Tales of Dreamers, Schemers, Bigots, and Rogues, Gary Noy

Trust in the Land: New Directions in Tribal Conservation (First Peoples: New Directions in Indigenous Studies), Beth Rose Middleton Manning
Yuba Trails: A Selection of Historic Hiking Trails in the Yuba River Watershed –  Susan Lamela &‎ Hank Meals 

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