Scotts Flat Lake


  • 1853- Hydraulic mining developed in Nevada City
  • Creeks dammed and ditches built for water delivery to mines
  • 1854 – ditches consolidated into water companies
  • South Yuba Canal, Deer Creek and Rock Creek Companies controlled ditches in Scotts Flat vicinity
  • 1856 – Amos Laird started building Scotts (Scotch)Flat Dam
  • 1857 – -Scotts / Scotch Flat Dam bursts, flooding Nevada City (a hotel, homes, stores and two bridges were casualties)
  • Hydraulic mining (big business) eliminates independent miners
  • 1884 – hydraulic mining outlawed due to mass environmental destruction of creeks, streams, farmlands, wildlife and silt washing into the Central Valley and San Francisco Bay
  • First power generation project for PG&E was at the Deer Creek Powerhouse
  • NID formed to deliver water to farms and homes in Nevada County
  • 1928 – NID builds the first dam at Scotts Flat Lake – Lower Scotts Flat Diversion Dam
  • 1948 –  second dam built

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