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redfern-lisa-400x500pxbrighterMany Nevada County residents don’t know much about Deer Creek or Deer Creek Canyon, the watershed we see every day.

In the winter of 2017, when water levels reached heights that hadn’t been seen in a decade or more, Lisa Redfern set out to photograph and film Deer Creek at various locations along its thirty-four-mile length.

Research through the Library of Congress National Archive turned up photos of the area in the mid-nineteenth century.  Contact with Sierra Streams Institute provided current information about Deer Creek and its issues.

The film project is in the ‘gathering information’ stage.

Lisa is actively seeking Deer Creek storytellers; drone & GoPro footage, old photos, historians, and long-time residents who are willing to be interviewed.


e-mail: lisa ‘at’ redfern ‘dot’ biz
cell / txt: (530) 559-4367