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Bird’s Nest Fungi
California Buckeye  – a Toxic Native
California Buckwheat (coming soon)
California Floristic Provence
California Oak Trees & Acorns
Fire Resistant Plants (coming soon)
Invasive Species – Blackberry, Starthistle, Scotch Broom
Milkweed – Nevada County’s three native species (coming soon)
Native Grasses (coming soon)
Nevada County Native Plants (coming soon)
Plants that Heal the Land (after Fire) (coming soon)
Tree Mortality
Western Redbud (coming soon)
Willow – Bends but Doesn’t Break
Yerba Santa – Fire Follower & Phlegm Fighter


California Native Plant Society

BONAP’s Plant Atlas – Oaks – Quercus (distribution maps)

Galls of California –

Native Trees of Nevada County – LocalWiki

Plants Database – US  Dept. of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Redbud Chapter, California Native Plant Society (Nevada & Placer Counties)

Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers and Native Plants

Wikipedia – California Floristic Province

Wikipedia – Logging in the Sierra Nevada

Wikipedia – List of California Native Plants

Wikipedia – Flora of the Sierra Nevada alpine zone

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